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The company has been operating since 1999 and is considered a reliable distributor of spare parts for trucks, trailers and buses, with a special emphasis on the program of axles and parts for brake systems. TEHNO-PS-PROMET d.o.o. is the legal successor of STR TEHNO-PROMET ‘Preradović’.


The first year of business of Tehno PS Promet was marked by the idea of selling air springs on the Belgrade market, and already in 2000 our company established cooperation with the company ‘Yugobelt d.o.o.’. In the following years, we worked on the development of sales, and in 2003 we hired the first worker who is still part of our team and occupies one of the highest positions, which we are especially proud of.


A special change in our business occurs in 2004 when we increase the number of workers and sales space.

In 2005, we cooperated with the first foreign supplier, R.A.L. from Austria, with whom we cultivate top business relations to this day. Later, other, the most renowned companies in this field joined our list of associates, such as the giants in the production of axles and parts for axles BPW, SAF and others

Of special significance for us is the award from the solo exhibition at the Belgrade Fair for the best promotional performance at the 50th International Commercial Vehicle Show BEOTRUCK 2012 awarded by a jury consisting of marketing experts.


During our decades-long business, we participated in numerous, eminent seminars, held professional trainings, and in 2016 we were nominated by the auditing company Ernst & Yung for the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and on that occasion we were shortlisted!


Today, Tehno PS Promet can boast of over two decades of stable business, it has 5 branches and 30 employees! In our product range, at any given time, we have about 12,000 items signed by the best foreign and domestic brands! Contact us or visit and join the sum of over 2,000 satisfied customers!

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